The Kernow Storm FC Soccer Club in Waxahachie held a food drive in honor of the Waxahachie Salvation Army during its Xara Winter Storm tournament. 

Club Director Antony Penna said as a soccer club they’ve committed themselves to helping the children not only attain their soccer goals, but to understand the meaning of giving back to the community.

“Soccer is our purpose, but not our main goal,” Penna said. “Our kids also have to earn community involvement hours. We wanted to do something to help them attain those hours, so two of the coaches came up with the idea of holding a food drive.”

He added that the best time to do so was during their winter tournament, because many teams  could be represented and participate in the donation.

“Every team that entered the tournament was encouraged to bring food to donate,” he said. “The goal was to be able to donate 1,000 pounds of food.”

Although they fell short of their goal, the teams were still able to deliver 650 pounds of food to the Salvation Army on Thursday, Dec. 20.

“We were very grateful to see all the teams participate in this effort,” Penna stated. “This is just one of the schemes and partnerships we’re looking to establish.”

The goal is not only to partner with the Salvation Army, but other nonprofit organizations in Ellis County as a way of giving back to the community Penna added. 

“Football in the Community is a campaign we’re going to really kick off in January,” he said. “We are going to increase our efforts of aiding Ellis County.”

One of the ways they are looking to do that is by holding two food drives next year benefitting the Salvation Army. Penna said they are also going to begin a mentoring program and provide free soccer camps. One of those camps is scheduled for Jan. 12 in Waxahachie at Lyons Park.

The club’s mission doesn’t only revolve around soccer Penna said. 

“Our goal is to teach players values, morals and ethics in order to help them become great and valuable citizens in their communities,” he said. 

“It’s not just about soccer for us,” Penna explained. “Although that’s the main part of our business. But it’s about creating great people to provide stand up things for their community.”

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