It has been Marty’s life-long dream to furnish an orphanage with 52 pair of red shoes representing each week of the year. And on Tuesday, Dec. 18, her dream became a reality.

When Marty was a little girl she was fascinated with “The Wizard of Oz.” She always wanted to have a pair of red shoes like the character Dorothy in the movie. It was also then that Marty decided she wanted to bless an orphanage by providing them with the many pairs of shoes.

Throughout the years, Marty would share this wish with friends and family members. One of her nieces took it upon herself to begin collecting red shoes about a year ago. And as a Christmas surprise for her aunt, she showed up at Marty’s house with all 52 pairs of red shoes.

Immediately Marty began searching for residential children facilities and stumbled across the Texas Baptist Home for Children. She then had a lady from her daughter’s church contact TBHC to see if they would take the shoes.

“Unfortunately they weren’t able to come to us,” President of TBHC Eddie Marsh said. “So I decided to drive to Fort Worth to pick up the shoes.”

Marsh said upon arriving at her home, Marty’s heart was bubbling over with joy, because she was finally able to give the shoes to those who needed them. And he was delighted to hear that someone would make this sort of sacrifice.

“I was very excited to learn that someone wanted to do this for us,” Marsh said. “And it has been exciting to help her (Marty) fulfill her dream.”

Marsh pulled an assortment of red shoes from bags and boxes. Some of the shoes were sparkling with glitter. There were several pair that could be used as athletic wear, and still others for a more casual look. He stated that Marty’s desire was for some of the shoes to be given as Christmas gifts, and he assured her that would be the case.

“This is such a blessing to us,” Marsh said. “These shoes will be used throughout the year for our campus and community kids.”

He said Marty is a very dear lady in her 70s who finally got to fulfill her dream, and he was thankful that the children of TBHC were the recipients.


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