To the Editor,

The tragedy that befell our nation Friday should bring all of closer together. It reminds us how precious life is.  Make us want to hold our loved one that much closer. Unfortunately some of our so called political leaders are try to use this tragedy to push their own agenda. Even if they were able to push through some sort of gun control law, what are they going to do about all the legally owned gun that are already out there? Seems to me that back 50, 40 or even 30 years ago that there were just as many guns out there that there is now. So what is the big change in society? Now this is just my opinion, but it seems to me that there have been a whole lot more of these kind of things happening since the country has been drifting more and more to the secular side of the moral spectrum.  Whether we like it or not religion teaches people morals. It teaches us that all life is precious. Think about it, whether you are religious or not, society has gone downhill ever since a small minority of people has tried to take religion out of the public sector. If you look at the crime rates of 50 years ago, when this trend start, an compare them to today’s crime rate the numbers point to a rather interesting trend. The farther we get away from the religious side of the spectrum the more tragedies like Friday have been happening.

Gerald Friesenhahn,

San Antonio, Texas