To the Editor,

As I watched the news coverage today on talk shows, several things became very clear. What happened in that school and the loss of those precious babyís lives is something that should touch every individual. A country that by their laws allow pre-bornís deprived of their right to life, allow our children to watch violence on television and movies,and have excess to video games that are very similar to what the military uses to train troops. We allow our children to obtain military type camo gear carelessly that aids them in role play. By our judges have taken prayer out of schools and removed the Ten Commandments off many public sites. By our laws we have recognized perverted lifestyles and television has even given some their own shows. We now sit and wonder how something like this could occur. One of the guest on a talk show that was a senator made the statement ďthe people donít listen.Ē Now I know she meant it differently, but if I applied to the things things stated in my letter. She would be right.

Daniel Younger,