To the Editor,

Many have used the tragedy to exploit political positions. Many more have provided their answers as to what could have been used to prevent the tragedy. Then some say that the lack of or removal of some things are the root reasons that such tragedy occur. All are non-actions. Are we wrong in doing so? No, just doing what we can to deal with the unfathomable atrocity of recent days.

The goodness of the many will never succumb to the evil of the one. To debate the hypothetical factors we attach to the tragedy rather than using our energies to see it as is will do nothing but add to itís negativity. It is for us to utilize what is good within each of us to help show each other that all reality is not defined by a single senseless act of mortal evil. That we still love each other. That people are still compassionate. That we are still kind to one another. That we are still good. Even that a simple smile still might make a difference in the life of one troubled. And that can only be done with the actions needed to substantiate that reality. Not by words.

It is not for anyone, myself included, to determine how any other should react to the display of this lower aspect of our existence but for each person to use what they can in response. Or not, if they so choose.

Do we use this to defame others or ply for what some see as the only answers to keep this from happening again? Or do we move in the spirit of positive reinforcement and love toward one another that the one that loves us unconditionally has shown?

The need for talk is void. Now is to act.

Alan Fox,