To the Editor,

While the recent killings in Newtown Connecticut are horrific I am amazed at the profound level of shock and bewilderment from people around the globe.

Many of these same people — especially politicians and members of the mass media (who are gleefully beating this story to death) — openly approve of and in some cases even partake in the mass slaughter of innocent children through abortion.

How many of these people, for example, have actually had an abortion themselves to advance their own careers? Indeed, over 1 million children are murdered through abortion each year in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

So why all the shock and awe at something comparatively smaller? Do these people really think that all the state sanctioned and media supported violence we see in sports, movies, video games, abortion etc would lead to peace? As Christmas approaches let us recall how our Saviour came to save us from the shackles of sin and the dominion of darkness.

Paul Kokoski,

Hamilton, Ontario. Canada