MERRY CHRISTMAS! When one knows that GOD can do anything, sometimes it is still “electrifying” to see HIS mighty works!This was one AWESOME week!

We will be closed for the holidays; so we gave triple canned goods and various other items so our seniors would have enough to last during the closing!

All week, wonderful people would bring us canned goods. It seemed that each group would bring more than the last!  Then, on Friday, T. E. Baxter Elementary brought in huge boxes of canned goods. All in all, during Thursday and Friday, we gave out around 3,200 canned goods ... thanks to these giving people!

Remember George and Patricia Luedtke that helps me with the 3rd. of July brisquets and helped me with Thanksgiving by giving me 130 turkeys to supplement those I bought from the North Texas Food Bank?

Well, last week, George called me and asked what we wanted for Christmas.  I said if he could find us some VERY inexpensive little hams, I would be willing to purchase them for our seniors. When he called me back and told me prices, I told him we had better stick to some other meat ... like tuna fish!

He called back in a little bit and said he had found some three to five pound hams and how many did I need? Four-hundred and six hams are very EXPENSIVE ... even with the discount that Walmart gave George. I was ecstatic knowing the seniors would have a ham!  

George said he was leaving town; but I could pick up the hams Thursday afternoon. Eagerly, I drove to Walmart in my trailer to load them. Walmart had sent the wrong hams. I do not know what “transpired” between George and Walmart but when we started passing out the hams, they were 8 to 10 pound SPIRAL HAMS!  I consider that a totally  “God thing.”

Once again, we put up a sign that said “these were purchased in memory of Mrs. Margaret McClendon by Angels George and Patricia Luedtke.”

George and Patricia Luedtke, thank you for such unselfish giving to our seniors. Also, thank you Walmart for “taking the loss” and making such a wonderful donation to our seniors! I know God will bless you all! We love you very much!

A huge thank you to all our volunteers.  It seemed Thursday and Friday were much more “hectic” than ever before! They all worked so hard unloading,  restocking and passing out. Angels ... God sends me terrific angels!

Olen came down Thursday afternoon to help Hershal try out his boat I got him two years ago; before he had the five blood clots.  Poor Johnny has been keeping it on his vacant lot. He even started it every month so it would “be ready” when Hershal was ready! There were a few MINOR problems which Olen, Hershal, Johnny, and Ted Collard all joined in to repair! I came! I saw!  I left! Hershal now has the boat at our home! I think he and Olen will take it “out” for a spin very soon!  Thank you ALL for your help!

On Thursday night, we had our annual Christmas party for the Lions Club at George and Elizabeth Kent’s gorgeously decorated home! An enormous thank you to Brenda Kimbrell for preparing a delicious dinner of ham, green bean casserole, corn, perfect potato salad, Hawaiian bread, fudge and zucchini bread. Also, a big thank you to Chicken Express for furnishing the tea!

The last Lion to enter was Keith Baxter. He said he had a Christmas gift for me. It was the “best.” On his cell phone, he had a movie of T. E. Baxter telling us hello. IT WAS AWESOME!  We miss him so much and that was truly one great Christmas present. Thank you T. E. and thank you, Keith!

On Friday morning, the Midlothian Education Foundation passed out grants to four elementary schools: Mountain Peak, Longbranch, T. E. Baxter, and Vitosky! This is always an exciting time and I love watching the teachers accept their big checks! It was our new director’s (Marnie White) first time to do this and she was great! It was a terrific “ending” to the week!

We had Mickey Branum Friday morning and it was grand! But, she received a call from her mother that she was “broken down” between Athens and Tyler, so Mickey headed out to rescue her! I think she saw how busy we were and didn’t want to face the afternoon ... if the truth is known! Regardless, we missed her terribly; but sweet Nancy Foote “filled in” for her AGAIN! We love you, both!

Sunday, we played bells and Grigsby and Johnny Fleeman laughed as I did several “runs.”  Everyone else plays their two bells with  elegance, while I play eight bells with a lot of UN-poise! Oh, well! (I had to say that for Betsy!)

When I went to get the senior’s food at McDonald’s,  Mr. and Mrs. John Spearman were there.  Mrs. Spearman got up and came to me with two crosses in her hand. Mr. Robert Spearman had made them!

Another AWESOME Christmas present! I wouldn’t take a million dollars for them! He even made tiny little holes to hang them. I am going to put one at my computer so I can remember him daily! I gave Johnny the other one. We both loved him a lot!

Granddaddy, Uncle Johnny and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our boys! With all these blessings, it will be one of the best Christmas’ ever!

Please pray and if at all possible, go to see all of our ill or “shut-ins.”

Also, please make sure your seniors have a wonderful Christmas. FUMC (and I am sure many other churches)  will have Christmas Eve Services.  Ours will be at 4 p.m., 7 p.m., and 9 p.m. We would love to have you attend ours; but please go somewhere! I say this every year; but were it not for that little baby boy born in that manger,  we would not have life eternal! Please give HIM first priority!

Gifts can come afterwards!  

Please remember, we are going Christmas caroling Wednesday night. Come, join us if you can!

Then, on Friday, we will have the Christmas party at the Senior Citizen’s Center. We would love to have you ... just bring a $1 gift and after a delicious lunch, we will have the party!  Karen, JoAnn, Thelma and everyone is busy planning a delightful day! There will be extra gifts, if you forget or can’t bring one, so please come on by. Lunch starts at 12  and the party will probably begin at 1.  Can’t wait to see you!

Be very careful during your travels and please love each other!

God loves you so good and so do I!



Vicki Massey is a long-time resident of Midlothian and a strong supporter of the Midlothian Senior Citizens Center and food pantry.