I am writing this letter, hoping that someone could help make a Christmas wish come true. Last January, my uncle Tommy, T.K.Wheeler passed away. Uncle Tommy and his wife Anita had been married for 65 years and were residents of Waxahachie for over 50 years. With this being Anita's first Christmas without Tommy, I wanted to do something extra special for her to let her know how extra special she and Uncle Tommy have always been in my life. I made a quilt out of Tommy's favorites shirts that he wore all of the time and embroidered it with T.K. Wheeler 11-22-1926. The United States Postal Service has been extrememly helpful and I know that the quilt was delivered on Saturday, December 8th, however my Aunt Anita never received it. The quilt was made of red and blue plaid flannel and was backed in black velveteen. My Christmas wish is that someone knows about this sentimental treasure and will help me find it.