LaRouche Political Action Committee members from the Houston area were protesting for President Barack Obama’s impeachment Monday at the Waxahachie Post Office.

Organizer Craig Holtzclaw and member Ian Overton were asking residents to join the LaRouche PAC and “LaRouche’s revolution” as they traveled from city to city on their way from Houston to Ft. Worth.

Holtzclaw summarized the PAC’s mission into outlined goals.

“One is we’re calling for the impeachment of the President because he’s trying to start a new war with Syria and Russia on the other side,” he said, alleging that Obama has been secretly supporting Al Qaeda.

A leaflet Holtzclaw and Overton handed out claimed, “As Lyndon LaRouche correctly forecast over a year ago, the murder of Qaddafi while he was already in custody, indicated an intent to move quickly toward a thermonuclear showdown with Russia and China, using the crisis in Syria for that purpose.”

Holtzclaw also said the presidential election was a “$6 billion fake,” and that this call for impeachment was legitimate cause all those against Obama could rally behind.

The PAC’s second purpose is to push its bill through Congress reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act, which would limit commercial bank securities activities. Holtzclaw believes this would remove the need for bank bail outs and reduce “crazy hyperinflation.”

“Third is we want to rid the Federal Reserve of $30 trillion in debt by creating jobs. If we don’t have that we don’t have a future,” he said. “Fourth is that we will create jobs like John F. Kennedy and Roosevelt through industry, like when Roosevelt created jobs with his program to build reservoirs in Texas. That’s why we have all the water we do now.”

Holtzclaw noted that the LaRouche PAC was not like the Tea Part movement, because they are not anti-government, they are for “the right role of government.”

He and Overton said they would be moving on to another city by Tuesday in hopes of rallying more members for their cause.

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