If you know me, you know thereís not much that I wonít joke about.

But one of the topics I wonít joke about is children.†

Itís cliche, but they are the future. They have done nothing wrong, canít defend themselves and look to adults to help them grow up and become our leaders of tomorrow.

What happened Friday morning made me sick. Emotionally, physically and spiritually. I just couldnít believe somebody is capable of going to an elementary school and slaughtering one, let alone 20, children.

All school shootings are mindless, idiotic and cowardly, but this is the lowest possible thing. The shooter got off way too easy by killing himself.

Iím not going to Bob Costas you guys and go off on a tirade about gun control. Personally, I donít like guns. Never have and never will.

Can they be used as a great tool for self defense? Of course. But you hear a lot more about accidents with guns in the home or hunting than you ever hear about times where they are successfully used to fight off home invaders.

When I was sitting up in the press box at Italyís game Friday night. There were some Mineral Wells coaches sitting to my right just watching the game. Wasnít so bad at first, but then the subject got to hunting.

Iíve never been hunting so I canít speak about the camaradarie it can build and I definitely wouldnít mind getting close to nature, but these guys just went on and on about how many deer theyíve killed this year and then their guns.

Between that and the annoyingly loud fans that somehow get into PRESSboxes, I had to leave.†

One of the loud fans asked me if she was the reason I was leaving and I honestly said it was those guys talking about hunting.

Maybe I was overreacting, but I really didnít want to hear about guns Friday. Iíd be alright if I never heard another story about guns again.

One of these murdered kids could have grown up to be the next Michael Jordan, Drew Brees or Babe Ruth, but now we will never know.†

They could have been the next Albert Einstein, Barack Obama or Mark Twain, but they never got the chance.

There is still hope for the children that were able to walk away from the school Friday, but itís not going to be easy growing up with what they witnessed. The evil they endured.

I donít know what I would do if I were one of these parents. I donít know what I will do if my future child has to experience something like this.†

Hopefully these kidsí lives wonít be lost in vain. Hopfeully this event causes a louder discussion about gun control and mental health. It should have been amplified a week ago in Oregon, months ago in Aurora or years ago in Columbine. But lets not let these lives be lost for nothing.

If nothing else, let this instance change your own life and appreciate everyone and everything a little bit more. And maybe hug someone a little tighter.