To the Editor,

Those of us who love freedom, our constitution and the principles of our founding, have often over the past four years protested President Obama’s flagrant disregard for all three of those. He has exerted his power far beyond the limits imposed upon his office by the Constitution through executive orders and the regulations promulgated by the various agencies of his administration. He has arrogantly proclaimed that if members of Congress didn’t get done what he wants accomplished, then he would go forward without their approval. He has brow-beaten all those who oppose him in an effort to make them bend to his will. This is most evident in the current “negotiations” over the so-called “fiscal cliff.” His offer to deal is basically “take my offer as it is without modification or nothing.” This is the offer of a tyrant; a dictator.

Compare this attitude with what we see being displayed by Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner. Four congressmen were removed from their committees because they had failed to vote the way he wanted them to vote on some key pieces of legislation. He informed the Republican caucus in the House that he has a list of others’ voting records which will be closely scrutinized. This sends a clear message that if you don’t toe the line and vote as you are told or expected, then you too will be punished by losing any standing or committee positions you might have or seek to have. As with the behavior manifested by President Obama, Speaker Boehner’s behavior is no different from that of a tyrant. With the Speaker, the message is to vote “his way or it’s the highway.”

What Representative Boehner has forgotten is “representative” is his first and primary title. He was sent to Washington by his constituents, not to be the Speaker of the House, but to be their representative, just as 434 other representatives were sent by their constituents. If individual members of the House are not permitted to vote according to their conscience and their allegiance and obligation to their oath in upholding the Constitution, then for what purpose do they serve? Why are they needed? Why not just send them all home and allow the Speaker to be the sole Representative for the entire country since no dissenting votes would be allowed? Our representatives should vote to return him to the status of being a Representative, and elect a Speaker who will allow his/her fellow Representatives to do just that — “represent.”

Frank Kuchar,

Arlington, Texas