Alvarado High School’s band had 21 students named to the all-region band recently. AHS had 34 students audition along with 500 other band students from the area last Saturday. The students had to perform scales and two contrasting musical excerpts for a panel of five judges who ranked them.

The students who were named to the all-region band will play in a concert on January 19 at Tarleton State University in Stephenville.


Amy Hall, Bethany Presley, John Hunt, Brianna Kersey, Melissa Vega, Jessica Rose, and Kailey Swaim made the band on clarinet.

Rafael Sanchez and Analyce Pugh made the band on Alto Sax.

Whitney Rogers made the band on Tenor Sax.

Logan McIntosh made the band on Bari Sax.

Angela Hall made the band on Bass Clarinet.

Audrey Smith and Christian Chickering made the band on Trumpet.

Stephanie Pollock, Amanda Hodge and Kelsey Weatherman on French Horn.

Ronald Petty on Trombone.

Tyler Stevenson on Euphonium.

Anthony Williamson and Tim Cherry on percussion.