The Waxahachie City Council will be considering a contract with Exterior Consulting Innovations for roof repairs at the Waxahachie Civic Center at its Monday, Dec. 17 meeting.

A forensic study of the roof was conducted by ECI staff and found 50 leaks in the building. During the study ECI President Mike Tolson found that the building had no weather barrier system behind the stucco, which is required by code. Without a weather barrier system in place there is no way to drain water making the walls subject to leaks.

Tolson also found that some of the roofing material was not installed properly during the original construction, roofing material was missing, failed repairs were observed, cracks, open seams that allowed water and air into the building and areas that were worn. Other areas showed water evacuation from the building had failed.

Tolson presented two options to permanently fix the roof to the Waxahachie Community Development board at its two meetings in November.

The first option was two types of coating systems that could be applied to the roof to make it watertight. The second option, which Tolson recommended, is called a recovery roof. Under this system the existing roof would not have to be removed and the additional weight would not impact the structure of the building.

A recovery roof is a series of metal panels. Insulation is placed between the panel and existing metal roof.

The coating system would cost about $1.2 million and the recovery roof would cost between $1.6 -$1.7 million.

The total construct time on the project would be estimated at nine months to a year if either system were used.

The contract the city council will be considering with ECI on Monday is for $66,000. Under this contract ECI will help to prepare bid documents and then will select a contractor to recommend to the council.

After this phase of the work is complete the council will consider a second contract with ECI where they will act as project manager in the actual construction. In this role they will make sure work is completed to specifications.

The council will consider awarding a bid of $1.726 million to Circle H Contractors out of Midlothian for the northeast trunk sewer capacity improvement project. The project will start at in the 1400 block of east Jefferson Street at the sewer lift station. From Jefferson portions that will be upgraded included sections along east Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, an area between Parks School House Road and Cleaver Street, and an area between Marvin Gardens to Farley Street. The upgrades on the line will not only improve the capacity that the line is able to handle but will reduce sewer overflows on streets.

At the end of the meeting attendees will have the opportunity to make petitions and requests of the council.

Following the regular session the council will convene executive to deliberate economic development negotiations.

In other business the council will

consider a preliminary plat of Mustang Creek phases three and four

consider a preliminary plat for lot 1, block A of the Cosmocel addition

consider a recommendation amending the Waxahachie Zoning Ordinance for the establishment of rules governing the Development of Single Family-1, Single Family-2 and Single Family-3 Zoning to change minimum lot and dwelling size and providing an effective date.

The council meeting starts at 7 p.m. Monday Dec. 17. The meeting will take place in the council chambers at city hall, which is located at 401 S. Rogers St.

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