While bullying is never an easy topic to talk about, the Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) at Alvarado High School is doing its part to make sure Alvarado ISD is bully free.

Each of the past six years the FCCLA has sponsored an Anti-Bully Week, but it is never the same.

As the students in FCCLA change, so do the programs. There are years when posters are involved and sometimes a children’s book about bullying.

“We change our programs year after year so that it is a fresh perspective every year,” FCCLA teacher Margaret Alexander said. “We enjoy creating and going to the schools to present the skits and information every year and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.”

Last week, students at each of Alvarado ISDs three elementary schools had the opportunity for more of a hands-on look at bullying. The FCCLA provided a powerpoint presentation to help lead discussion among students and student-led skits by AHS theater students.

“In efforts to educate our youth on the effects of bullying, we find it more important than ever to begin educating our children at an early age,” Alexander said. “Our hopes are that when we go into the elementary schools year after year our programs become a staple in their desire to refrain from bullying.

“We talk to our elementary students about standing up for one another and if they see a bullying issue we encourage them to report the issue to a teacher or adult. We encourage friendship and within that we are encouraging students’ to respect one another.”