Ennis Weather Snapshot


The normal low temperature for this time of year is 39 degrees. The normal high is 59 degrees.


Date                                      Low   High  Precip.       Max. wind gust

Monday, Dec. 3                    63     78     0.00            S at 26 mph.

Tuesday, Dec. 4                   52     72     0.00            NE at 24 mph.

Wednesday, Dec. 5              43     64     0.00           NW at 14 mph.

Thursday, Dec. 6                          48     70     0.00           S at 21 mph.

Friday, Dec. 7                       55     72     0.00           SW at 24 mph.

Saturday, Dec. 8                   52     70     0.00           NE at 11 mph.

Sunday, Dec. 9                     53     73     0.00           SW at 29 mph.


Temperature range Dec. 3-9, 2012 – 43 to 78 degrees. Total rainfall – 0.00 inches.


Precipitation for Month:

December rainfall as of December 9 – 0.00 inches. Normal rainfall for all of December – 3.78 inches.


Precipitation for Year:

Rainfall January through December 9 – 29.89 inches. Normal rainfall January through December – 40.84 inches.

This Week’s Weather Quiz:

Last December 20, Lake Bardwell was (a) three feet below normal (b) four feet below normal (c) five feet below normal (d) six feet below normal. How many days did I record a freeze in December 2011? (a) none (b) two days (c) three days (d) four days The coldest temperature I recorded last December 2011 was (a) 23 degrees (b) 26 degrees (c) 29 degrees (d) only 32 degrees The total rainfall I recorded in December 2011 was: (a) only 0.51 of an inch (b) 2.01 inches (c) 3.98 inches (d) 5.06 inches. What was the total rainfall that I recorded for all of 2011? (a) 25.84 inches (b) 28.31 inches (c) 31.66 inches (d) 33.13 inches


Weather Highlights for November 2012:

November 2012 began very warm. I recorded a high temperature of 87 degrees on November 1. It was 85 degrees November 2, and 82 degreess on November 3.

However, November 3 also brought us some much needed rainfall that most people didn’t receive in north central Texas. Only a few thunderstorms, that were very widely scattered, formed ahead of a cool front. Ennis just happened to catch one of those widely scattered thunderstorms. It produced one inch of rain in Ennis.

It was a good thing that we did receive that one inch of rain. The rainfall for the rest of the month of November 2012 amounted to only 0.02 of an inch recorded on November 11. The last nineteen days of November were rain-free.

The total rainfall for all of November 2012 was only 1.02 inches, or 2.36 inches below normal. Rainfall January through November 2012 amounted to 29.89 inches or 7.23 inches below normal.

The coldest temperature I recorded in November 2012 was 1.6 degrees below normal but the average high was 5.3 degrees above normal. The overall average for November 2012 was 58.0 degrees or 1.8 degrees above normal.

November was another dry month recorded in 2012 and also another month above normal on temperatures. Let’s see what December brings us.


Weather Flashbacks for Dec. 3-9:

Dec. 3, 2011 – low temperature, 56 degrees; high temperature, 68 degrees. Cloudy with 0.11 of an inch of rain.

Dec. 4, 2011 – low temperature 41 degrees; high temperature 52 degrees. Cloudy with 0.73 of an inch of rain recorded during the night and 0.51 of an inch during the day.

Dec. 5, 2011 – low temperature 37 degrees; high temperature 41 degrees. Cloudy with 0.80 of an inch of rain during the night.

Dec. 6, 2011 – low temperature 31 degrees; high temperature only 39 degrees. Mostly cloudy and cold.

Dec. 7, 2011 – low temperature 23 degrees; high temperature 45 degrees. Clear and cold.

Dec. 8, 2011 – low temperature 29 degrees; high temperature 52 degrees. Fair and cold.

Dec. 9, 2011 – low temperature 34 degrees; high temperature 52 degrees with cloudy skies.


This Week’s Small Texas Town Salute:

Orange Grove – population 1,318, located on the south central plains.

Palm Valley – population 1,304, located in Cameron County in south Texas. It’s the southern most county in Texas.

Quinlan – population 1,394, located in Hunt County in north Texas.

Roscoe – population 1,322, located in Nolan County in west central Texas.

Seadrift – population 1,354, located in Calhoun County on the coastal plain.

Tatum – population 1,385, located in Rusk County in east Texas.

Benavides – population 1,362, located in Duval County in south Texas.


Answer to Today’s Ennis Weather Quiz:

C – Dec. 20, 2011 Lake Bardwell was five feet below normal. C – Last December 2011 I recorded only three days that reached freezing or below. Normally we should have nine in December. A – The coldest temperature I recorded last December 2011 was 23 degrees on December 7. It was also the coldest temperature that I recorded last winter. D – The total rainfall I recorded last December 2011 was 5.06 inches. It was the most rain I recorded in a month last year.

5. A – The total rainfall I recorded for all of last year 2011 was only 25,84 inches. As of December 9 this year I’ve recorded only 29.89 inches.