This has been a week of sorrow for us ... not Mrs. Margaret McClendon. She is settling into her beautiful mansion and making it ready for Sard.  Heaven must of had some party welcoming her through those pearly gates last Tuesday.  

Olen sings a song called “Serenaded By Angels” and it was just perfect for Mrs. Margaret! The words are: She went to sleep one night, never here to awake again; but everything was all right ... between her and Him. So, she awoke at Heaven’s gate, free from pain within. The Angels gathered ‘round her, and they took her by the hand. Serenaded by Angels ... up to the thrown. Serenaded by Angels, finally at home. Surrounded by praises ... to the King. Welcome to Paradise, the Angels did sing!

She was our “Angel girl” at the pantry and at the center.  Golly, we will miss her so very much.  

It seems so strange saying “Mrs. Margaret” and not saying “Sard!” If any couple was “one” after marriage, it was these two. For almost 70 years, with the exception of his stint in the military, they were never apart!

The first time I met them, our daughter, Melissa, would be staying with Maw Maw Irene. We would go to church with her. Sard and Margaret’s pew was the one in front of Maw Maw’s.  At times, I am sure they thought about changing pews! Melissa was VERY friendly and would crawl all over them. She loved Mr. Sard and Mrs. Margaret! I think the first time Sard saw Melissa at the pantry, he could not believe the years had passed away so quickly.  

Before Mrs. Margaret became ill, she was “in charge” of “the table” in the pantry.  Now some of our seniors are demanding and greedy.  They would question what she had for them ... ONCE.  She would give them  that beautiful little smile and tell them others needed to come through, so please go on. She had that Southern Charm, like no other!

When she and Sard had garage sales, they were the best! Even in her 80s, people amazed her!

She even “ran” the pantry’s, when we were having our garage sales!

We did not make coffee at one of our fundraisers. She never said a word; but the minute I saw her without a cup, my sister drove to McDonalds and brought her some. She loved her coffee.

I have many, many pictures of this precious couple, and almost every one of them is while they are kissing!

One can see her passing out ice cream at the Mt. Peak Cemetery Auction.  

Age was never an issue, they were ALWAYS working!

When most husbands would have left their ailing wife at home in someone else’s care, not Sard! He would get her dressed and take her to the center for lunch. Church was regular and at parties and fundraisers, she would be dressed like a doll!  Hospital “stays” he seldom left her side. I would beg to sit with her or spend the night with her and his reply was, “I promised her Daddy 70 years ago, I would take care of her and I won’t stop now.”

If you are going out to eat, stop by and pick up Sard. Going to a party, tell your party host and hostess, you are bringing Sard. He is going to be so lonely! It is up to us ... those that love him dearly, to keep him busy!

Our deepest condolences to our precious Sard, Gary and Patricia, Ricky and Sherri, David and Lisa, and family. May God hold you ever so close during your grieving.  

We all loved Mrs. Margaret very, very much!

Remember when Gun Barrel BBQ was next door to J & W Carpet in their little red house? Well, we can now drive a few miles and get that terrific BBQ again! Larry and Vicki Sodek have moved  that little red BBQ house to Venus and are serving their delicious ribs, beef, hot links, sausage, ham and pulled pork. They have added a jumbo Bbaked potato with or without chopped beef and “roll & go’s flour tortillas” filled with brisket and topped with jalapenos, cheddar jack cheese and your choice of picante or BBQ sauce.

Going  from Midlothian, they are located on the right side of Highway 67 a mile BEFORE you get to the traffic light in Venus. There are several “little houses” there; but you can pull right in with plenty of turn-a-round space. It is closer than going to Waxahachie or Cedar Hill, and Vicki and Larry would love to see you again.

A huge thank you to Lory Ellis for all she does for our Seniors.  I am always leaving out her thank you’s; but without her artistic talent, we would not have signs for our fund raisers or our floats.  Jack, Scott and precious Tony share her time with us and we really appreciate this family! They are Hershal and my “kids” now and we love them the most!

Friday, after the funeral, we were all sort of down!  Then Rico Escobar, managing partner, and Alisa McChristian, administrative assistant of Modern Woodmen of America called and said they had our check ready!

Remember, when I told you Modern Woodmen of America said they would match up to $2,500 if we raised that much from our 3rd of July fundraiser?  WELL, THEY DID!

Rico and Alisa presented us with that beautiful check and really lifted our spirits!

Modern Woodmen of America, we thank you all so very much! You are a blessing to our seniors!

May God richly bless each of you for your generosity!

Alisa even brought us a wheelchair with “legs” to hold one’s feet! That was an added blessing because all we had was the kind you had to “walk.”  Thank you so much!

It sounds like the heat will continue more fierce than ever this week! Please check on your seniors each day and make sure they are cool and have plenty of water. Tell them you love them!

Carry water with you in your car (there was a TV ad on at Dr. Glenn Ledbetters’ the other day and it said the E-mail that said water was poisonous if kept in the car in plastic bottles is FALSE).   Be very careful and please love each other!


Vicki Massey is a long-time resident of Midlothian and a strong supporter of the Midlothian Senior Citizens Center and food pantry.