GLENN HEIGHTS – A town hall meeting last week in Glenn Heights saw the Bond Advisory and Campaign Committee present a number of proposed bond projects to the residents of the city as well as the Glenn Heights City Council.

“The purpose of the town hall meeting was to allow citizens the opportunity to voice any concerns regarding the direction of the bond committee,” said Dr. Willie B. Sublet Jr., chairman of the Bond Advisory and Campaign Committee.

Before moving forward Sublet said the committee wanted to extend an opportunity to have Glenn Height’s citizens voice their concerns.

Jason Hughes, senior vice president of First Southwest, discussed bonds overall, later discussing the financial impact of a bond program in Glenn Heights.  

Comments followed by Gregory Pervis, a committee member who discussed the proposed projects and selection methodology.

“Streets were the main focal point of the meeting,” Sublet explained.  “We (the committee) wanted to invest in a project all Glenn Height’s citizens could benefit from.”

Alberta Blair, the director of public works  for Dallas County, also made comments to the roughly 20 people in attendance at the meeting.

“The highlight was the funding opportunity that is available from Dallas County via partnerships,” Sublet explained, adding that the financial impact for the city would be around $16,000,000, “but this is preliminary at this point.”

The major questions on everyone’s mind at the meeting was the financial impact to the “typical” Glenn Heights resident.