As several teachers in the audience showed up to hear if the decision for the new Waxahachie High School principal position would be announced at Monday’s called Waxahachie Independent School District Board of Trustees meeting, they learned the wait would continue.

WISD Trustees President Mark Price confirmed the board would not be addressing this issue during that particular meeting.  

“We are being very diligent about filling this position,” Price said. “WISD is searching for the best possible candidate for this job. It could be as early as this Friday, or it may be later than that. We do feel confident that we will have someone in place by day one of school.”

Other business discussed during this meeting, which had a quorum, included the following:

• WISD Assistant Superintendent for Finance Teresa Thomas conducted a budget workshop highlighting various pages in the detailed budget summary she provided in reference to the 2012 – 2013 Budget.

She explained the numbers for the general operating budget this year would be $53,118,827, and with the other funding/grants provided to the district, the total would be $69,786,305.

Since some of this funding is centered on average daily attendance, she reminded the board she keeps a detailed summary of attendance each six weeks.

When the vote was taken to post next year’s budget in the Daily Light, it passed 5¬-0.   

• Thomas also mentioned the board asked her to compile a list of other costs that could be adopted into the finalized budget, and one of those entailed covering costs projected by the WISD Technology Department.

The director for this department, Robert Keith, touched on several points about these needs, and he stressed that it is his goal to get all of the campuses on the same level technology-wise.

He also added that he would go room-to-room on each campus and document what the needs are.    

• WISD Deputy Superintendent David Truitt presented information to the board regarding a recent webinar he attended titled “Texas Bullying and Cyberbullying Updates.”

He explained the new legal definition of these has been posted on the Texas Education Code site at He also added that when applying this new definition there are key things to remember, and to also note these policies apply to adults as well.

He reminded the members of the board they are still in the discussion phase of approving these new policies for anti-bullying.

• Thomas then asked the board to consider approving the purchase of a paper shredder for the business office. She explained that WISD Trustee Mike Lee asked that she compare notes with Citizens National Bank (CNB) about the shredders utilized there. After researching this, Thomas noted that what CNB uses would not meet the needs that WISD has.

A vote was taken on this purchase, and it passed unanimously.

The next WISD Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 13. A public hearing regarding the 2012 – 2013 Budget is set to be conducted before this meeting at the WISD Administration, 400 N. Gibson.

At this time citizens can voice their opinions, ideas or concerns about the budget. The time for this hearing will be confirmed in the next two weeks.

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