Waxahachie ISD announced that the RAM Foundation, located in Paris, Texas, recently donated $30,000 to the district’s Gifted and Talented program.  

The funds will be used to purchase instructional materials and resources for the INSPIRE enrichment labs.  The labs are one of the ways in which the district is working to expand the Gifted and Talented program.  

The INSPIRE labs will provide students with academic games and manipulatives in such areas as science, language arts, and mathematics.

Perhaps one of the greatest opportunities provided by the grant is that the INSPIRE labs will also be available to all K-5 students in the district.  

Students who achieve personal academic goals throughout the school year will have the chance to visit the INSPIRE labs and be rewarded with academic enrichment opportunities.  

“We are supporting learning with more learning and rewarding students with academic enrichment opportunities,” said Melissa Sulak, WISD Gifted and Talented Coordinator.  “We are thrilled that the RAM Foundation has partnered with Waxahachie ISD and our Gifted and Talented program.”

The RAM Foundation was formed as the result of a division of assets of the Fasken Foundation.  

The Fasken Foundation was originally founded in 1955 by Andrew A. Fasken, Robert Andrew Murray Fasken and William B. Neely.  With additional bequests in 1969 by Helen Fasken House, in 1978 by Ruth W. Shelton, 1984 by Alma Ruth Mallison and 1985 by Howard M. Johnson, the Fasken Foundation funds increased both in corpus and earnings.

]In December, 2008, as a result of a deep desire to “spread the giving,” the board of directors of the Fasken Foundation made the decision to divide the assets and create the RAM Foundation with its office in Paris, Texas.

The Board of Directors of RAM Foundation is pledged to honor the original intent of the Founders while continuing to expand horizons.  

As a private 501C3 corporate foundation, it primarily reviews and grants those requests for youth, health and human services, and education.  Since the inception of both foundations, thousands of students and hundreds of charities have benefited as a result of these generous gifts.

“The RAM Foundation is excited to have the opportunity to partner with Waxahachie ISD in the furtherance of the Gifted and Talented program,” said Tanis Hager, Executive Director of the RAM Foundation. “It is RAM’s desire to encourage all students to strive for excellence and reach beyond their expectations which will allow them to achieve the impossible.”

For more information on the Gifted and Talented program, contact Waxahachie ISD at 972-923-4631.