ENNIS — Jeff Bankston and his wife are the new franchisees of Golden Chick of Ennis.

They officially opened the doors to the restaurant Monday, July 30 at 901 East Ennis Ave. But Bankston said there is still much preparation left to do.

Bankston added that the city of Ennis has really been good to work with on this particular project.

“They have high standards, and we are proud to see that,” he said. “As a company, we have high standards, and it’s been a pleasure to work with the city on this.”

He continued by saying the city has been very attentive to all of their needs, and have spelled out and explained everything the restaurant needs to do to be successful.

“They even helped us with our turn of the century lighting we have out front,” Bankston said. “The city is very good when it comes to having high standards and codes.”

As a way of introducing the restaurant to the community, Bankston said they are planning on holding several events.

“Saturday afternoon we hosted a friends and family day for our workers. They were able to invite their friends and family members to have a meal.”

Bankston said the goal and purpose of the friends and family day is to allow the employees to demonstrate the results of their training. On Saturday evening, July 27, the restaurant hosted a VIP night for local members of the community, including the Ennis Chamber of Commerce and local bankers to sample food items.

“We wanted to give them a taste of our food,” he said. “Also, we want them to see the results of the training we’ve been providing to our employees.”

As he talked about the employees of Golden Chick, Bankston displayed a rather large smile on his face.

“We have hired about 40 people to work here,” he said. “And we are very proud to be able to provide jobs to them. I might add, we are talking about 40 really good people

During the conversation, Bankston eluded to some of the menu items that Golden Chick would be offering. He said in addition to their golden fried chicken, they have several menu items that he believes people in the community will be drawn to. One of those items is golden tenders.

“Our signature product are the golden tenders,” Bankston said. “In addition, we have our fresh-made cole slaw, which is made fresh every day.”

Bankston added they will also offer fresh made chicken salad and their chicken salad sandwich served on fresh baked yeast rolls.

For those in the community looking for something a little healthier, Bankston said their roasted chicken would appeal to that group of people.

“Our roasted chicken is an outstanding product,” he said. “We marinate it, season it and roast it. It is a very delicious item.”

Also, the restaurant will serve fresh made garden salads, with one of their signature salads being the chicken tender salad.

Bankston added that as a beverage, they serve the best sweet tea of anyone around.

He said when it comes to the menu items, they aren’t trying to be everything to everybody, they only want to serve fresh made food that will appeal to those in the community. He also said the atmosphere of restaurants play a role in its success, and the atmosphere of Golden Chick will be inviting and comfortable for families.

Golden Chick is originally based in Dallas, but Bankston and his wife felt very impressed to open a location in Ennis because it’s a good market.

“This is a growing community, and we felt like Golden Chick along with the products we have to offer will be very well received here in Ennis.”

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