Words cannot adequately express the range of emotions we share with the police department and city of Waxahachie following the tragic loss of Waxahachie Police Officer Josh Williams, who was killed Saturday morning while in the line of duty.

Our hearts and prayers are with Officer Williamsí family, as well as the Waxahachie Police Department following such a tragic loss.

Officer Williams was a good officer and a truly wonderful human being. His loss to our community is immeasurable.

Friendly and humble, the 17-year WPD veteran was everything you would expect a law enforcement officer to be ó helpful, courteous, dedicated, professional, and always willing to serve others. Other officers have expressed how Officer Williams was a role model within the department and the impact his had made both for our city, as well as the lives of everyone he encountered.

In his off-duty time, Officer Williams continued to serve others. In addition to his family, he actively volunteered to assist in church and community programs.

Thatís the kind of man he was. He was someone you could count on. He was someone you wanted to call a friend. He is someone who made a tremendous impact during the short time he spent with us.

Reading the incident reports, we canít help but shake our head and wonder why.

It doesnít make any sense.

Officer Williams was responding to a call for help when, according to preliminary investigation reports, his vehicle was struck by an SUV traveling 70 mph without headlights. And, according to preliminary reports, the driverís blood-alcohol test was above the legal limit.

Police have yet to release the name of the suspect in the case, other than the individual is in custody at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

A tragedy like this just doesnít make any sense at all.

All we can do join with the thousands of other residents in expressing our heartfelt support and inconsolable loss to Officer Williamsí family, his fellow officers and city staff.

We donít say it enough, but God bless all our law enforcement officers for what they do.

Neal White, on behalf of the entire staff of the Waxahachie Daily Light.