Readers and Facebook users expressed their support for the family of Waxahachie Police Officer Josh Williams, who died in the line of duty as a result of a two-car collision on Saturday morning while on duty.

Below are just a few of the posts expressing condolensce and saddness.

Sherry Porter Carpenter

So tragic, I hate hearing news like this. :( Praying for his family.

Rene Andy Villarreal

So sad! Prayers to the family

Tita Ann Hernandez

Prayers for Officer Williams and his family.

Shellie Dryden

So sad ...Terrible to lose a life to someone elseís stupidity like that! I just hope he didnít suffer. Prayers go out to the family and friends.

Barbara Graves McNeely

So saddened by this horrible loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I know he was a spiritual man. And is with our Lord now. Please pray for his family.

Sherry Porter Carpenter Gosh

This saddens me so much to hear this, praying for his family!

Robby Dale Muetzenberg

Please pray for the family and friends of the Waxahachie Police Department. Our city suffered a great loss last night.

Russell Bartholomee

Prayers for the city, the department and his family. Very sorry for the loss.

Jeremy Osteen

So sad RIP Josh, I will miss you my brother. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and all the Waxahachie Police Department.

Bruce Zimmerman

One of the WPD officers that regularly provides security duty at WBC on Sunday mornings, Josh Williams, was tragically killed early this morning in a traffic accident on hwy 77 while on duty. I was called to the hospital at about 1:30am where he was pronounced dead. Please join me in praying for his wife and children, his mother and family members, as well as the WPD family of officers as they grieve this loss alomg with us. Josh had served in law enforcement for approximately 18 years and lived in South Arlington.??Josh was a spiritually open man and would talk with me about things going on in his life and ask for me to pray for him to be he man that God wanted him to be. While at the church, he would listen to the service and message in the rotunda or right in the auditorium as he made his rounds. Josh will truly be missed.

Danny Williams

My Thoughts and Prayer go out to Waxahachie Police Dept and the Family of the Waxahachie police Offcer who is a friend of mine.?The Officer was killed by a Drunk driver in a Head On Collision while on Patrol.