Dyan Brooke has suffered adversity in her life. Out of her four grown children, two have died – one from cancer and the other in an automobile accident. She has also suffered her own health challenges, which forced her to give up a promising career.

But as Dyan cleared the hurdles that kept coming her way, a colorful miracle landed in her lap.    

“When you have eight small heart attacks in one day, life starts to look a little different,” Dyan said. “I used to be a federal officer with Homeland Security, but that came to a screeching halt when my heart started acting up. So with all of that time on my hands, I had to find something to keep my hands busy, and I came up with Tattle Tiles & More.”

Dyan started creating beautifully colored tiles for friends, and then her designs grew into a home-based business that literally has taken over her house. As she showed her works of art, it was noted that several bedrooms have become her workspace.

“This used to be my grandson’s bed, but as you can see, I use it to work with my tile designs,” Dyan said. “And, if you’ll also notice, I don’t have the air conditioner on in here, so that the tiles will dry as needed.”

Her tiles range in color from turquoise to butterscotch, but she also includes the primary colors as well. As she explained why she gave her business its quirky name, a smile came across her face.

“Well, we all know what a tattletale is, and when I was coming up with a name, that seemed to fit. It was catchy, and I’m hoping that people will talk about my tiles as much as possible. I put the bling in tiles, and I love doing it. ”

She went on to explain that she is in the process of getting a patent for her designs. She is also pursuing another avenue that she hopes takes her business to the next level.

“A friend of mine told me I should pursue the television show ‘Shark Tank,’” Dyan said. “I had never seen the show, but I’ve check it out, and it’s really fascinating. Mark Cuban is on it, and what they do is look for entrepreneurs who need help in financing their dreams or ideas. I think my tiles would be the right fit on this show, but in order for me to be on it, I have to have people vote for me.”

She explained that if she receives the most votes, then the producers would contact her to appear on the show.

“I check everyday to see if I’m in the lead, and right now I am,” Dyan said. “But I could really use some help on the voting because this chance could be what I need to truly help me get this idea off the ground.”

As tears started to fill her greenish eyes, she looked up and paused.

“I know that God gives you things that he knows you can handle, but some of the challenges we’ve been given have been tough,” Dyan said. “But my husband and I refuse to give up. We still have each other after 30-plus years, and we have our beautiful family and grandchildren.”

While composing herself, she ran her long artistic fingers over the glossy shine on one of her tile designs.

“This business is so much fun,” Dyan said. “I get to create works of art for people, and many of my designs go as far away as New York. I can take any picture that a person has and put them on my unique tiles, and I love seeing how people love that. I know in my heart, I just can’t let life get me down.”

Her husband, Dick, admires the strength Dyan continues to have.

“I get a kick out of watching her work her magic,” Dick said. “Yes, it has taken over our house, but it has given her a reason to keep going.”

If you would like to find out more about Tattle Tiles, contact Dyan at 469-337-2390 or email her at ladydy-fashions@sbcglobal.net. Her website is www.tattletiles.com

And, if you would like to vote for Dyan regarding “Shark Tank,” go to www.sharktankzone.com/user/register. Once you’re on the site, click on “top 30 start ups,” and then scroll down until you find Tattle Tiles. When the orange “thumbs up” sign is clicked, you’ll need to create a login to vote.

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