Waxahachie Global High School students have put their creative talents on display with the completion of their latest art project. Students have completed eight sentinels or stylized artwork that are on display at the entrance of the hike and bike trail on Rogers Street.

“The sentinels project started with Jamie Mills, who is an art instructor at Global High. He was looking for a project that his students could do. Through their discussions and their creative processes they came up with the sentinels,” Director of Parks and Recreation John Smith said. “They are basically stacked barrels that have been painted to represent faces. They have painted them, installed them and they are now ready for public viewing.”

Four groups of students from Global High worked on the project together. These groups included a Global High Capstone representative, the schools art classes, the computer classes and the art club. The Capstone representative worked closely with project teacher to oversee all parts of the project.

The art classes and the art club oversaw the general design and production of the welded metal barrels. The computer class was tasked with the creation a website and advertising materials to help promote the project in the community. Funding from the project was proved through a grant from the Education Foundation for Waxahachie ISD in the amount of $1,744. To create the sentinels 55-gallon barrels were purchased from Burleson Honey.

The barrels were welded together. They were then sanded and primed for painting before a face was painted on the prepared surface. Each sentinel features a face that does not represent any historical or real personal. Each face is a stylized piece of art.

Smith said the art project would enhance a person’s trip to the hike and bike trail. It will also provide an opportunity for residents to see the artistic talent of others.

“It is very interesting to me because public art can represent your state culture, your national culture and personal culture. Hopefully when people look at it they will take something away from it,” Smith said. “The barrels are very colorful. Some are a full figured face and some are more closely related to abstract art. The city has a new initiative for public art. We have some installed inside city hall. This is an extension of that and hopefully it keeps growing.”

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