Itís an old adage, but thereís a reason people say it: ďwhat a difference a year makes.Ē

I would like to think that Iím living proof of this.

Friday was my 26th birthday and just like I have my last few birthdays, I woke up a little bit sorer than I did just a day before.

Does being 25 years and 364 days really feel that much better than 26 years and one day? I donít know why, but physically it does. Or it could just be the fact I played racquetball for three hours Thursday night and Iím desperate for column ideas this summer.

But either way, a lot has changed from July 27, 2011 to July 27, 2012.

First, the job. Last summer I was unemployed. I had done an internship at a big-time public relations firm in downtown Dallas. Working on the 34th floor of a 36-story building was one of the greatest jobs of my life. I got to do some amazing work with Chevrolet and USAA insurance.

But my internship ended last May and all June, July and most of August, I was out of work. I had, had some kind of job or at least school since I was 12 years old when I started umpiring. But last summer, I didnít even need an alarm clock.

Which, Iíll admit was pretty nice for the first couple weeks. But then I got bored and restless.†

But when August ended, so did Chad Wilsonís time here. I know he had a big impact on this community and Iím sure some of you wish he was still here. But unfortunately, youíre stuck with me.

Iím kidding of course because I do love this town. I grew up here, went to high school here and played baseball at the Optimist Fields where I find myself watching games three nights a week right now.

Maybe all of this work has made getting up everyday just a little bit tougher. But I bet itís just that Iím getting old.

Another big difference in the last year is really just me.†

I still donít know much or care much for politics, I donít think I got much (if any) smarter and Iím still relatively broke despite having a job.

So what changed? Thereís a lot less of me than there was last summer. I try to play it off like itís not a big deal, but when I look up at the clock during a marathon racquetball session and realize that two hours have gone by and Iíve still got plenty in the tank, I feel really good about myself.

In the 12 months since I last blew out candles on a cake, Iíve lost about 100 pounds.†

I should have checked my weight on my birthday last year, but I apparently forgot. I can tell you that since Feb. 20 of last year, when I finally got committed to losing weight, Iíve dropped a total of 139 pounds. I still want to lose 106 more, but this is a better than modest start.

The goal originally was to lose 245 pounds by my 27th birthday. Which was 29.25 months from when I started.

So Iíve got a lot more work to do and Iím getting older everyday, but I know I can do it. And that helps me believe in all of you.†

If you have a goal that youíd like to reach before your next birthday, go for it. And Iíd really like to help you.

Let me know on my new work facebook page or twitter account. I know it seems like selfless promotion, and it really is, but we are having a contest to see who can get the most ďlikesĒ and ďfollowersĒ at the office and I really want to win.

But more importantly, with a little motivation and support, anything is possible. Even in just a yearís time.

Billy is the sports editor for the Waxahachie Daily Light. Like him on Facebook at Billy Wessels - Waxahachie Daily Light Sports. Follow him on twitter @BillyWesselsWNI. You can reach him at the office at or 469-517-1454.