To the Editor,

Years ago when I was young I had a job hauling grain from Sterrett to a feed lot in Rockett. Both located in Ellis County. I was so happy because I got paid a salary for hauling grain for $36 per week and was saddened when the grain place closed and was sold to Magnablend. I lost my job because the grain began coming from other places. My boss said in answering my question, ďWhy?Ē by saying whether we like it or not, we cannot stand in the way of progress. Thatís the way it is.

After yeas had gone by, I see now things still continue to change. I remember in the late 1970s and 1980s how excited everyone in Ellis County was because we were selected to get the Superconducting Super Collider. Wow, how we wanted it because of the jobs. It was really good for many families. But after loosing the SSC, things changed again in Ellis County.

Lots of business was gone and some people were OK with it being gone. Some lost everything they had. The 16,000-plus acres of land was taken from the people who had worked hard to buy and make their homes there was taken from them by the way of progress. I hope they are OK now.

For the giving back to Ellis County, the land was put on the market for people to buy back at what I would call a very fair price. And many came from far and near to buy cheap and do with the land as they wished. I am so thankful for the families that came.

Other give backs included the government giving the SSC building to Ellis County to do as they wished. As a life-long resident of Ellis County and a land owner, I wonder how many countless hours has been spent by the county leadership on what they could do with the monster building. Even the county commissioners couldnít find the answer. Finally in the last several months the answer came. A local company that has such a loss has proven its salt to this community by its willingness to take another chance in buying another old building and doing something with it.

People, itís not just the decision of the commissioners. Itís progress.

Thank you Magnablend for employing all these people for all these years and taking this old building.

Keep Heath Sims as commissioner.

Frank Sanchez,