To the Editor,

My family would like to formally thank the Waxahachie firemen for their help in fighting the recent lightning fire at our home.  

I’ve always appreciated civil servants but you never really understand the depth of dedication and kindness that it takes to be a firefighter until you have a front row seat at your very own fire. They were wonderful to us as we stood in the pouring rain, watching our home burn. They literally went into the burning structure to save the life of our four-legged family member, Lola.  

One fireman took off his protective coat and put it around my daughter’s shoulders as she shivered in the downpour. They were careful to keep us informed and were so very patient with our endless, panicked questions.  

Once the fire was totally out, and they had inspected the house for safe entry, they led us inside to quickly gather a few belongings.  We were so stunned by the condition of our home that we couldn’t think straight.  

It is so overwhelming that you cannot decide what to do first. I heard a very kind and patient fireman coax my daughter out of her traumatized state, “OK, now you need to get shoes, socks, a belt….”  They had also thoughtfully covered our family photos and keepsakes with tarps to protect them from water damage as much as possible.

I had never paused to think about how firemen take care of physical property AND the human victims of fire as well. What a wonderful group of firemen we have in Waxahachie!

 I can personally attest to the professionalism, skill and compassion of the men and women under the big helmets. I also want to thank the longsuffering police officer who sat guarding our street for hours so the firemen would be free of distractions.  

Be proud Waxahachie, be very proud!  

David and Christy Teeter,