To the Editor,

My name is Dale Hedrick of Waxahachie. I grew up in Midlothian. I wanted to take this opportunity to say I grew up living near Paul Perry and feel that I know this candidate as well as anyone could. Iíve utilized and trusted his financial expertise as well. Paul has great insight to people and their needs and at times their motivations which fine tuned his work in mediations, he listens. Add to that the fact he budgets, balances and makes a decent living managing clients life savings from mid incomes to very wealthy, he cares.

His living in the country, raising cattle, dealing with county issues, and stretching the dollar to raise and educate a family especially thru a recession period, he understands.† †

I feel all that serves as actual hands-on experience a candidate will need to take what he has to work with and make a difference as a great county commissioner.

Vote for Paul Perry.

Dale Hedrick,