To the Editor,

As I went to early voting today I realized how important it is to vote, especially now in the times we are living in.  I am a business owner in Waxahachie and I lived here in this community for 25 years and was raised on FM 1446 where Magnablend had relocated its facility. I just recently purchased a house on FM 1446. I have lived in Waxahachie for 25 years and I have been fortunate enough to be a part of entire Sims family and have built a great friendship.   

As a young man coming out of college and trying to find my place, I was taught many valuable lessons by Heath while I worked under him for two years.   I am now passing these lessons on to my own children. Heath is a man of integrity, honesty and family values and has good Christian beliefs, which is hard to find in politicians these days.  

I am not going to state all my political beliefs and thoughts, but I do know that he has done a lot for our community already and this is why he needs to be re-elected as the Ellis County Commissioner Precinct 3. Voting is Tuesday, July 31. Do your part and vote for one of the best men I know.

Chad Raney,