To the Editor,

You know, Waxahachie still has a certain small town charm often illustrated by simple little occurrences. I witnessed such a scene as I was drinking a cup of coffee on my front porch while enjoying the cool breeze of the morning.

Two vehicles were heading down the road in two different directions, recognizing each other, the drivers of each both slowed and stopped when they met and put down their windows to talk. In the middle of the road. Traffic from behind went around them. Nobody yelling or making rude gestures. It seemed to me that the two drivers saw the need to visit and solidify their friendship as more important than being pushed down the road by others.

The two drivers continued to talk, and after a few more minutes headed on their perspective ways. One went towards the right. The other kept going towards the left. But Both still on one road that each with the help of all others built and help maintain.

We are lucky to live in a town where this can occur. And it can continue. If we want. When driving down the road or just pushing your cart down the aisle, if you see an acquaintance or even someone who is not, take the time to stop and talk, or just acknowledge their presence as a fellow traveler on the road. A simple wave or smile will make the road better for all of us.

Alan Fox,