The YMCA’s Water Moccasins are finishing their summer season with a big test.

This weekend, the Waxahachie YMCA’s swimming team will be competing with 25 other teams from across the state in the annual YMCA Lone Star Swim Championships in Frisco.

Last year, the Water Moccasins took fifth place, a four-spot jump from their ninth place finish in 2010. Now they are aiming for a top-three finish.

“We had some swimmers leave when our old coach left a couple of years ago, but we’ve done a really good job of rebuilding the program,” Waxahachie YMCA aquatics coordinator Just Ward said. “This is something these kids have been working all year for.”

Waxahachie will be sending about 40 kids to the event that will feature more than 600 swimmers. About 400 of those swimmers will be from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“We will have the numbers there to get a top three finish, but now it’s all about swimming their best,” Ward said.

The Waxahachie team will be led by the Gilliland brothers Joseph, 10, and Brandon, 12. Joseph took first place overall at his regional earlier this summer while Brandon came in second.

The team will have swimmers ranging in age from 6 to 18. The other members are: Maricela Guerrero, Emily King, Michael King, Nathan Powell, Caleb Powell, Zane Walker, Katie Walker, Gabe Perez, Shane Doyle, Erin Doyle, Sami Joudeh, Jacob Jeter, Melissa Prince, Nicole Phillips, Emily Jeter, Hayden Brunson, Brandlee Brunson, Trent Pope, Trista Eaton, Madeleine Parmele, Coby Oder, Jeremy Chapman, Emily Rutan, Joshua Cole Dudley, Jake Tennery, Ava Mikulecky, Ethan Mong, Ali Mong, Zachariah Evola, Emma Mikulecky, Levi David, Hope David, Gunner Jendrzey, Anna Jendrzey, Lauren Jones, John Woolard, Skylar Sims, Nathan Woolard, Luise Hauptmann, Morgan Ward, Caroline Ward, Colten Oder, Rachel Cruzan, Nancy Price, Brooke Faulkner, Bryce Stephens, Saige Hawthorne, Haley David, Lexie Dunn, Lauren Dunn and Leilani Calderon.

To see the results from this meet, pick up Tuesday’s Waxahachie Daily Light.

The Waxahachie YMCA is always looking for interested swimmers. For more information, contact Ward at 

Contact Billy at or 469-517-1454.