To the Editor,

The new school year is rapidly approaching with only a little over 30 days left of summer vacation, and senior parents and their children are beginning the college early application process with deadlines to be met by Nov. 1. †

I have come to realize that what happens within the personnel departments of a school district really does affect a young personís life. Along with letters of recommendation by faculty members who can attest to a studentís capability of pursuing a college degree, other key members of the educational system are recommended to vouch for a studentís readiness for college life. †

The turnover of educational personnel, especially at the secondary level, can wreak havoc on the application process, as I have found to be the case within WISD. †

The WHS is in the process of hiring a new principal, as well as several instructors and counselors. Our community, along with the Economic Development Council (EDC) educational task force chair, Dr. Leroy Fenton, maybe should address the issue of the retention of professional educators within WISD in the school districtís quest to obtain exemplary status for WISD. Why are our secondary educators leaving?

Cathy Underwood Burks,