To the Editor,

I would like the opportunity to have a formal thank you published as a follow up to an article that was written about my “Safeco Insurance Community Hero Award.”

I was honored to receive a $5,000 Community Hero Award on behalf of Movement Toward a Future mentoring program at Midlothian High School.  But the honor goes to all that have played a role in the success of the program to impact our community. I would like to thank Midlothian High school teachers and administrators for their continued support of this program but especially the love and care they show each and every student at the school. This model comes from the top from Midlothian High School principal Dr. Al Hemmle. Dr. Hemmle has an amazing vision, direction and leadership in caring for all students.

I would like to thank Errol Haylow for the nomination but especially for his service as a mentor over the 2011-2012 school year. Like Errol, all our mentors are community hero’s making a difference in the life of their student. They are so dedicated in sharing their knowledge and giving their direction on how to be successful not only as a student put as a productive citizen ready to find “their” path in life.

Thank you Midlothian for you votes, but more importantly your support of our children!  What an amazing community we are blessed to live in!

Dena Petty

Movement Toward a Future coordinator