To the Editor,

I can understand why residents of the other precincts should be voicing opinions but how many of the out of town people have any skin in this game. There is no shortage of good old boy politics here. I believe common sense should be common place in government. One of the opponents in this race finds it easy to always find something wrong with what someone else has done and write about it and stirring trouble. He has politician buddies with no skin in this game supporting him. The other one was doing his best. I will not take up for Mr Sims in not making the citizens aware of a pending deed restriction but he was not alone as there were at least two others voting. Our government should do what is best for the majority and a very large part of our county will be better off. I am third generation Ellis county, I live four miles from the new Magnablend facility, I Pay tax in Precinct 3, I have paid property tax in Ellis County for 45 years, and about 50 of my employees plus families live in Ellis county. At the end of the day Ellis county will be much better of keeping Heath Sims. It makes common sense. There is a possibility the fate of the Super Collider could have been something much worse. Have you considered what changing officials could cost the county in retirement benefits?

Bill Kinsala,