Ellis County Sheriff’s Office detectives were disappointed when the lead regarding the identity for the body discovered on Black Champ Road didn’t pan out.

However, Lt. Rick White, who is in the criminal investigative division for the sheriff’s office, said he is hoping other leads they’ve been given will be a match.  

“Several Dallas Police officers were familiar with one of the tattoos on the victim, and we thought that lead might be the right one,” White said. “However the name we were given fell through because that person is alive and serving time in SAFE P (a substance program).”

White added that what the sheriff’s office does know at this point is the female victim did have a single gunshot wound to the skull.

He did stress that it is not believed she was killed where she was left in the 1400 block of Black Champ Road.

Other measures will be put into place if her identity is not discovered by the sheriff’s office on Friday.

“If we don’t find out who she is, we’ll provide the details on the four tattoos she had,” White said. “But we are asking anyone who might have information at this time on this case to please contact us as soon as possible.”

The victim, whose body was discovered on Monday, July 23, is believed to be of African-American heritage, approximately 5-feet, 4-inches tall and weighed around 115 pounds. She was wearing a dark or grey tank top, blue jean shorts and white Nike tennis shoes with purple shoelaces.

Residents exercising in that area around 11:30 a.m. Monday discovered the body and called the sheriff’s office.

“Deputies were dispatched to the location, which is in the unincorporated area of Ellis County,” White said. “The area was secured as a crime scene, and it is believed that the body had been there less than one week.”

It is also believed the body was put in the wooded area in hopes it would not be discovered.

Anyone with information that may help identify the female victim is encouraged to contact Ellis County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Joe Fitzgerald at 972-825-4928.

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