Use the parts below to string together the correct URL order to embed a Google Moderator page on a website:

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Last week 12 educators silently pored over an exam at the MISD Administration building, the air in the cold room charged with tension as each of us attempted to answer 60 questions similar to the one listed above in a 90-minute period.

“Thank you, Jesus!” One teacher cried with relief when she received a passing grade.

The three-day Google Apps for Education training involved six 90-minute lectures followed by six timed online exams. Those accustomed to administering various state-mandated exams were now in the hot seat – facing the challenge of test stress and the pressure to pass- during summer vacation!

Google Tools And Applications training is very exciting and I welcomed the opportunity to know more about this tremendous online learning environment.

Fifty years ago, an offer to “google someone,” might have gotten you arrested. Now, google is synonymous with what people of all ages do every day on home computers and at the library. We “google” information, check our Gmail, update our Google calendars, find our way with Google maps and can opt to pay our bills on Google Checkout.

If you mention “google” to a senior adult, they might think of the lovable newspaper comic strip character Barney Google, “with the goo-goo-googly eyes.”

“Google” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2006, but the origin of the word dates back to 1938 when American mathematician Edward Kasner asked his 9-year old nephew to invent a name for a very large number – the number 1 followed by 100 zeroes.  The child, Milton Sirotta, called it a “googol.”

Meadows Library has several resources dedicated to learning how to use Google Tools. One is an upbeat memoir I’m Feeling Lucky: confessions of Google employee number 59. One is a leadership book, What Would Google Do?

The free community computer classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am will focus on Google Tools for the next several weeks.

If you need help importing your Picasa photo albums into your Google account, turning on Google translate for 30+ languages, downloading Google Chrome, Drive and Gadgets – come see us at the library!

Susie Casstevens serves as the librarian for the AH Meadows Public and High School Library. Contact Susie at 972-775-3417 ext 1061 or visit the web at