Hopefully, this is our final “thank you’s.” Ernie and Pat Rainer, you are wonderful “prompters” for getting donations.  You are “there” for us every year and we can’t thank you enough!

Billy and Renee McElheney, thank you for your generous donation to help buy food for our concession stands.  You are the greatest!

Armando and Darshawn Farraez, and McDonald’s, time and again, you show your love for our seniors and I am forever grateful!

Wormy, (Frank Miller), after working a hard day in the heat, you were there to put out the flags and we love you so much.

We had absolutely THE BEST entertainment  there was.  A young man by the name of Dallas Coleman who wrote “Fantastic Man” led off our evening of song.  Though this young man is autistic, he sang and played without flaw! Everyone was amazed and in awe of what a wonderful performer he was. His personality is extra special!  Hopefully, we can get him to come back next year. At that time, he will have a CD for sale and the proceeds will go to autism. Thank you so much Dallas for sharing your God given talents with us!

Gary Freeman is unbelievable! He knows so many wonderful songs and is such a professional, we can always count on his talent to be a huge “draw.”

Midlothian’s Own, The Master’s Quartet, only gets better ... and better!  If anyone ever wants to hear terrific gospel singing, just listen to this group. Each of them are the greatest and I love them very much!

My dear, dear, Rev. Bill White is so grand! He and Vicki love our seniors and are ALWAYS there for us during this fundraiser.  Thank you so much!

It was such a superb event because it brought so many people together.

Again, THANK YOU to everyone that participated! I love you, dearly!

Hershal, Jack and Christian FINALLY came home from the lake ... with two huge bags of fillets. They said that was only the iceberg. They had caught hundreds; but most were too small.  At least, they are home now and are bragging of their catch!

Please pray for Mrs. Margaret McClendon and Sard, Jeline Pegram, T, E. Baxter, and all those you know!

Friday evening, during one of the heaviest and windiest rains we have ever been in, Hershal and I attended the Graduation Celebration Banquet for Teen/Life Challenge of North Texas, at Trinity Church on Pleasant Run Road.

About two miles from the church, the rain and the wind hit us. I drove behind a huge square “column” and let Hershal get out; then I went to find a parking space. I sat there for over 15 minutes before I “braved” the storm and headed for the church! It was raining in large sheets and the wind  probably was 40 to 50 miles per hour.  As we entered the large doors to the church, the lights went out in the entire area.

It was very romantic. We had dinner by candlelight. Because I had gotten pretty wet, I never did get warm from there being no A/C.

Introductions were made, pictures were taken, graduation began. Paul handed out diplomas.

As the musical part of the program began, the lights came back on and everyone was able to enjoy the remainder of the evening in light.

Thank you, Paul and Linda for including us in your wonderful graduation celebration. It is always a joy to see these gentlemen give all glory to God for their lives!

The storms come quickly.  Make sure everything is “buttoned down” for your seniors. When you leave, please tell each one you love them!

Be so very careful “out there.” Look what happened, in the twinkling of an eye, in Colorado. Please love each other.



Vicki Massey is a long-time resident of Midlothian and a strong supporter of the Midlothian Senior Citizens Center and food pantry.