To the Editor,

Today, right now, the voters in Midlothian, Maypearl, West Waxahachie, Italy and Milford areas are going to the polls to cast their votes in the runoff for Precinct 3 Ellis County Commissioner. Early voting continues through Friday, July 27, with election day being Tuesday, July 31.

The reality is that many of you will forget, be busy and tell yourselves you will do it later or just not think itís that important. I would like to impress upon you just how important this election is to us all. We will either have ďTax Hike Heath SimsĒ continuing to believe itís alright to raise our taxes (almost 5 percent, ignoring his constituents), impose unconstitutional limits on our 2nd Amendment Rights (via the County Emergency Management Plan), infringe upon our property rights (change deed restrictions to suit the CCís purposes) and spend our tax dollars on unneccessary parties (he did end up refunding it though). Or we will elect a man who has demonstrated fiscal responsibility, will limit his time in office to two terms (if the voters see fit to elect him) and will be frugal with our tax dollars as if he were paying for things out of his own pocket (with eight children one must be fiscally responsible). Paul Perry is a peopleís commissioner candidate who will listen, respond, and vote with his constituents in mind ALWAYS!

In the current economic climate we can no longer afford to elect individuals who do not appreciate how hard we each work for the dollars we send to the county. We can no longer afford a commissioner who does not listen to the people who put him or her in that office. Just being a nice guy is no longer enough. We need someone who will fight for the people in their precinct, not go along with the powers that be.

I implore you to GO VOTE and to cast your VOTE for Paul Perry, Ellis County Commissioner Precinct 3! You will not be sorry.

Cindy Kelly,

Pct 3 Voter,