To the Editor,

It is often said that we speak sometimes under the assumption that false pretenses are true. Then we find out just the opposite. I am guilty of this as exposed by the gallant Daryl Stanford. His research and factual posting is 100 percent true. I do NOT live in Precinct 3 as I erroneously inferred in my last letter. I was 100 percent wrong. My bad, man. Pardon my faux pas, mon ami. I will now pause to give the reader time to get back in their chair.

Regretably, in light of recent redistricting, I must remove myself from the most honorable ranks of the good people of the precinct that I was previously, like Mr. Stanford, a part of. Seems the old addage of checking the chamber before firing off shots more than fits this embaressing moment for me. But the questions I raised will still not be not rescinded. For the people of Precinct 3 still need to know what representation and for who they will have by either the incumbent and the challenger. It is just no longer my right to ask them.

I was taught many years ago by my elder family members and various mentors thereafter, that when one makes a statement on the public stage that is a honest mistake, it is your duty to repair any damage to your integrity by rectifying that statement freely on the same or an equalivent stage as soon as it is brought to your attention. That is what the civil gentry among us are expected to do. Some do. Some donít. With that being said, I beg of your pardon for my saying something untrue.

So now I join those that I once chastized. We are a passionate and somewhat vocal group including ordinary citizens, political bigwigs and party members. But there is one missing.

Alan Fox,