To the Editor,

Pennsylvania’s Mike Turzai considers his fellow citizens as drones for the election of Mitt Romney? I’m not surprised, having seen it before. Voter registration restrictions are designed to prevent certain groups from easy access to the booth on voting day. This is not about fraud; never was. I am offended on many levels.

Men and women have died to ensure this most basic freedom of democracy. Turzai claims restrictive registration is a victory for the Republican (GOP) party? Is he one of the domestic enemies I need to defend against?

We share a responsibility to our community and country. We are in this together. The only way for citizens to defend against regulation like this is to band together. Find out what identification is required. Ask your neighbors, all of them, if they are having difficulty getting what they need. Coordinate transportation to get folks where they need to be. Get busy now because time is short.

This has nothing to do with opinions; it is securing everyone’s right to vote. I might not like you, but I’d fight to get your vote counted. Make it your purpose to secure this right for your neighbors.

Warren Isleib,

Nashua, N.H.