ITALY — The Italy School Board of Trustees approved the resignation of Jason Miller, Stafford Elementary principal, at its monthly meeting Monday evening.

Mark Stiles made the motion to accept the resignation with a second from Paul Cockerham. The motion passed with a “no” vote from Curtis Riddle.

Barry Bassett, school superintendent, has seven interviews scheduled for the position. He said he hoped to have a called meeting within a couple of weeks to approve the hiring of an elementary school principal.

In other business, Lee Joffre, high school principal, presented a TAKS/STAAR report for the 2011/2012 school year.

Last year’s sophomore and junior class will continue with TAKS testing while those in grades three through eight will be taking the STAAR test.

Joffre said the students taking the TAKS scores, as a whole, met the standard from the state. The failure is the number of students earning commended performance. He said the district must provide an incentive to push students. He cited apathy as one of the main reasons for academic performance.

Joffre said districts focus on the kids who have barely passed or failed but he wants to include a second student group who have never failed the test but have also never obtained commended performance. He said that simply meeting the standard is not good enough.

The principal said the focus is to reduce apathy, support the teacher and get intervention from the teachers.

Joffre said the elementary school has been recognized and even obtained exemplary status for several years. He said the high school cannot be successful without the foundation at the elementary level.

The STAAR accountability rating, according to Joffre, will not be available for 2012 but said it is possible that the state may use the 2012 results in establishing the 2013 rating.

Hank Hollywood, athletic director, briefed the school board on the renovation progress in the athletic department.

He said the crew has done a great job at the field house and around the bleachers. He said the lockers are installed and painted and the junior high athletes have new locker rooms.

Hollywood said he obtained the weight room equipment from Riesel and Union Hill school districts. He projected $5,000 for the equipment but managed to get them for $1,300. He said a weight room for the girls has been installed as well.

He also praised Don Chambers for the work he has done at the field house. Hollywood said Chambers saved the school district a lot of money.

Bassett said the school maintenance crew and coaches have done an amazing job.

In other new business, the board endorsed Karen Ellis of the Richardson ISD to the TASB Region 10 Board of Directors. Ellis is currently on the board and is running unopposed for seat A. Of the four candidates for seat D, the board endorsed Donald Gant from the Desoto ISD.

Natasha Blackburn, business manager, presented the board with a renewal of the workers compensation fully funded program with the TASB Risk Management Fund.

A public hearing focused on the internet safety policy and CIPA compliance. The board also approved minutes from the June and July special meetings, the utility report, the check register, cash position report, tax collections and an interlocal agreement with Ellis County.

Jon Mathers, board member, was not present at the meeting.