To the Editor,

It may be noted that I have been silent on the commissioners race as of late. There is a reason for that. We recently underwent redistricting. I have remained silent on the race since I found out.

But I have questions: Does anyone else find it odd that Heath Simms no longer represents the neighborhoods surrounding the MagnaBlend burn site? Does anyone else find it odd that he is the one who paved the way for MagnaBlend to move? Does anyone else wonder why Alan Fox who lives in Precinct 2 with me continues to talk about people not living in Precinct 3 campaigning for a candidate outside their district?

If he has moved from across the street of the university that he has mentioned several times in his letters, then I apologize.

But I do not see anywhere on the map that he could live within sight distance of the university and be in any other precinct than Precinct 2.

Daryl Stanford,