To the Editor,

A Vote for Paul D. Perry and my grandchildren.?During our first primary election I took my 5-year-old granddaughter with me to vote. I wanted her to understand just how important it is to vote for our future. I will again take her to see me vote in this runoff election.

This election is especially important here in local Ellis County. The actions of Commissioner Heath Simms (voting to raise taxes and introducing the removal of deed restrictions at the SSC), Judge Carol Bush and the rest of the court has done a great injustice to our county and caused a deep damaging division between our citizens and the Commissioners Court.

Paul D. Perryís background in mediation and finance is the healing factor we need to bring our citizens and the court together to grow Ellis County responsibly. Paul D. Perry has pledged to bring open transparent government to OUR commissioners court, instead of the fiasco brought upo! n us by the current courtís actions.

Please vote for Paul D. Perry, so we ALL can work TOGETHER for Ellis Countyís future. Itís not only our future, but the one we leave our children.

Vannessa Dash,