To the Editor,

Ellis County voters have a choice to make in the next week. The runoff election is on July 31, early voting started Monday, and we get to choose the direction of the county’s government through the election of the Ellis Commissioner for Precinct 3. Who would have thought that our current commissioners’ court would raise taxes on the people of the county in the midst of the current economy? When the economy slows down, we all have to do what is necessary to live within our means.

Our current commissioner in Precinct 3, Heath Sims, voted to raise our taxes by almost 5 percent against the wishes of his most vocal and informed constituency. Because of this poor decision, his own Republican Party censured him. This is the main reason he should be replace in his elected position.

The challenger for commissioner Precinct 3 is Paul Perry, a true conservative and taxpayer advocate, has stated he will term limit himself, and is a protector of our rights. Mr. Perry has the endorsement of Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum, Tom Pauken, former chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Debra Medina, former candidate for governor, as well as many other conservative and liberty loving organizations.

The choice is clear; the decision is yours; the time is now. It is up to We the People of Ellis County, who take our civic duty seriously, to get out, vote this week, and convince a dozen of our fellow taxpayers to go as well.

You can learn more about Paul Perry at his website:

Bill Carson,

Ellis County Precinct 103 Chairman