To the Editor,

The event is no more than what it is. There is no answer that will explain it, no insight from anyone that will put in any perspective to logical thought. It is a part of all of us yet not a part of any of us. It is human nature at it’s worst.

Still, unfortunately, we have those that grasp the opportunity to take the time to castigate others wrongly only to sate their egos. We have both sides of any argument using this tragedy to promote their own agendas only. Instead of using the power of compassion towards the victims and even the family of the actor, they fill their thoughts with selfish rantings about things they see as unjust, some with faint merit to actuality and some fantastical as to present reality.

Yes it is a terrible thing that happened. But how do we handle it? Do we arm everyone to protect us from everyone else or disarm only those we deem as a threat to society? Do we exercise our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution or exercise the rights as directed by divine providence?  Is it for us to now hide in our homes apart from the dangers of life only to venture into the day fully equipped with the weaponry to handle Armageddon if it comes our way? Or do we counter the perversion of humanity that others have sought with the real purpose of the human existence and show the goodness towards one another we all have within us by using nothing more than the power of our minds and hearts?

What if will never change what is. We can only change what it was with what we do now. We all do have the right to choose how we do that on an individual basis. If indeed some try to make sense of the abomination by adding to the misunderstandings and separations among us, so be it. We more importantly have the right to show compassion and restraint over our base emotions and exhibit what is the best of humanity to each other. Especially now.

We all should exercise the freedom of free speech on any subject. Yet it seems in the haste to bring logic to an illogical event, some have seem to have forgotten one right that we need to exercise the most. The right of decency.

Alan Fox,