According to a study performed by Consumer Reports, most Americans prefer to use Walmart’s White Cloud 3-Ply Ultra Soft toilet paper over any other brand. The brand scored 91 out of 100 points beating it’s closest competition by 10 to 50 points.

The top 25 brands had to endure a very extensive grading test on softness, absorbency, value and strength. Hands down, White Cloud ranked the highest across all categories.

The brand was singled out for its price value, costing only 19 cents per 100 sheets compared to well-known premium priced toilet paper.

However, locals say sometimes it has nothing to do with the price, but the softness that makes a big difference.

T.J. Jones is a sales representative, and said he prefers Charmin to any other brand.

“Charmin is my favorite brand of toilet paper,” Jones said. “I kind of like the bear on there, and it is very soft.”

Jones continued by saying that Charmin has always been the standard around his house, and he couldn’t really fathom using any other brand.

Jones also said when the toilet paper is placed on the holder, it must be placed with the first sheet coming over the holder.

“I like the first sheet to come over the holder because it’s easier to handle,” he said. “Also, I like to pull down on it because I’m already seated.”

As Jones is removing the toilet paper from the roll, he said he likes to pull, crumble and go.

Surgical assistant Meredith Martin also said her favorite toilet paper is Charmin because it looks fluffy. However, when she places a roll of toilet paper on the holder, she doesn’t care how it’s put on there.

“I don’t really have a preference when it comes to how the toilet paper is put on the holder,” Meredith said. “I just like to have it handy.”

She did admit, while laughing hysterically, that she likes to fold it when she is removing it for use.

Her daughter, Emma, said she likes Charmin more than other toilet papers out there. And she chooses to place the roll on the holder with the first sheet coming over.

“I don’t really know why I like it that way,” Emma said. “That’s how it’s always been around our house, and I’ve gotten use to it being that way.”

When the questioned was posed to Emma about whether she was a folder, wadder or a wrapper, Emma said she is definitely a wadder.

Another resident of Waxahachie, Kimberly Fulchur, said her favorite brand of toilet paper is Cottonelle.

“I like Cottonelle because it’s soft, thick and you don’t have to use so much,” Fulchur said.

She continued by saying that as long as the toilet paper is available, she doesn’t have a preference as to how the toilet paper is placed on the holder. Fulchur added that she’s not a folder or a wadder, she takes it and wraps it around her hand as she goes.

Consumer Reports is the publication of the nonprofit Consumers Union and since 1936 has been publishing unbiased ratings and reviews of household products. For more information about the Consumer Reports, visit


Toilet Paper: Did You Know ...

• 72 percent of people hang the toilet paper roll with the first sheet over the roll, while 28 percent prefer to hang the first sheet under the roll

• women have a tendency to be grabbers and wadders, while men tend to be folders

• 40 percent of people are folders and stackers; 40 percent are wadders and 20 percent are wrappers

• Americans listed toilet paper as their number one necessity if they were stranded on a deserted island

Source: Consumer Reports

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