Beth Wheaton and Cyndi Fuller, an employee of a local nonprofit organization (NPO), have taken on the task of creating a database of NPOs in Ellis County.

The purpose of the database is to serve as a networking and resource tool for all nonprofits in the area Wheaton said.

“There are more than 600 NPOs in the county,” Wheaton said. “Currently there is no inclusive database of the existing Ellis County NPOs.”

Wheaton continued by saying that NPOs need a way to efficiently connect with other NPOs to share needs and resources. She also said emergency services need to reach out to the community in emergencies, volunteers need to know the opportunities available to them and potential donors need a way to gain information about potential NPOs before making donations.

Wheaton said, while she will be involved in getting the project off the ground, Fuller will be taking the lead on the project.

Fuller said she is very excited about the database, and said this encompasses what she does for a living. Although Fuller wasn’t able to disclose which organization she’s with, she said she is looking forward to being involved.

“We definitely need something like this in the area,” Fuller said. “I think once we get the ball rolling, it is going to prove to be a major asset to the community and the local organizations.”

In preparation for getting the database into service, Wheaton will be putting together a list of questions they plan to pose to the participating NPOs.

Questions will include, but are not limited to: What are the goals of the organization? Who does the organization serve? Does the organization provide transportation, housing or a food pantry?

Wheaton said she will get the list of questions out to each NPO, and the responses must be returned to her by Aug. 3.

Other benefits of the database are:

• strengthen NPOs in Ellis County by creating a database through which the NPOs can network to more efficiently share information and resources

• build community in Ellis County as people and organizations network

• mobilize volunteers who may later work with specific NPOs in Ellis County

• connect donors with organizations needing specific donations

• create a tool that can be used for emergency response

The database is scheduled to be up and running by the end of August.

For more information about the NPO database, contact Beth Wheaton at


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