The employees of the county will see no changes in the group health insurance coverage with the exception of an increase the additional dependent cost.

The total increase in cost to the county will be $225,488.

County Auditor Mike Navarro asked the commissioners to approve one of two plans for employee insurance coverage for the upcoming 2012-2013 year.

“The first plan is the same as what we currently have. The second raises deductibles with additional cost to the employee, yet the county’s increase would be $150,237,” Navarro said.

He went on to say choosing Plan 2, the county would lose their “Grandfather Status.”

“When a pool member has an issue that a claim is not covered and they feel it should, if the county is grandfathered they can file an appeal or grievance. If non-grandfathered, you would have to follow the guidelines in an appeal and review process,” Narrow said.

Commissioner Heath Sims brought up concerns with new federal legislation if the county was no longer grandfathered.

Under the plan approved with insurance coverage through Texas Association of Counties Health and Employees Benefits Pool, the employees will see a slight increase in dependent benefits cost. An example is spousal coverage will increase from $389 per month to $408. Coverage with two children under the plan, the employee would see an increase from $248 to $260 per month.

Before approving the plan, Sims requested Navarro look at other plans for cost and benefits to discuss before the next budget process begins.

In other action, a request by Commissioner Bill Dodson for approval of a change to the Ellis County Rural Rail Transportation was unanimously approved. Dodson asked the commissioners to approve the resignation of member Elmo Wade and appoint Joe Crow to fill his unexpired term.

“Joe has a lot of knowledge in rail transportation and would be good for the board. The current board member had a couple of candidates and recommended Crow,” Dodson said.

The Rural Rail Board is made up of five members; a member of each precinct and a fifth member appointed by the county judge.

Commissioners voted not to renew a n extension to a contract with Neyland Bridge Construction for an additional 12 months. The contract was for bridge and headwall repair.

Sims asked if under the contract the county could bid out other projects. Acting County Purchasing agent Hanna McCleary said the county is bound to Neyland for all bridge projects.

County Engineer Joe White said he would like to see the county have the flexibility to bid out larger projects and have a different contract for small repair and service projects. Simms and Commissioner Bill Dodson agreed.

The commissioners unanimously agreed not to approve the renewal.

Other action by the commissioner’s court:

* Unanimous approval of a contract with J.C Concrete for miscellaneous concrete repairs.

*  Unanimous approval to withdraw the county’s membership within the Texas CUC Aggregation Project, Inc.

* Unanimous approval of a request from Joe White to reject bids for services to remove and replace all damaged insulation and duct work and chilled water piping located on the Wayne McCullum Detention Center

* A request was unanimously approved to rescind a Facilities Emergency Generator Maintenance Contract with Emergency Power Services due to the company is focusing their business in Waco at Baylor University.    

* Approval of a one time payment in the amount of $10,638 to the North Texas Council of Governments Area Agency on Aging.

* Approval of the installation of all necessary railroad warning signals and gates by the Texas Department of Transportation and accept the location of two advance warning signs to be located within the Ellis County right-of-way along side Mosley Road.