Frank Kuchar’s name has been accepted by the state and placed on the Texas Congressional District 6 ballot.

Kuchar will be running in the Republican primary against incumbent Congressman Joe Barton, as well as at least one other challenger. The Sixth Congressional District includes Ellis County.

Kuchar said as a seventh grade student he hand crafted a “Barry Goldwater” lapel pin and proudly wore it through the 1964 election.  He served as the precinct chairman of the largest precinct in Hardin County, Texas for the Reagan campaign in 1980, and then for the Republican Party in that year’s general election.  He also served as a volunteer in the 1984 campaign, which elected Dick Armey who later became the majority leader in the House of Representatives.

 “I strongly believe in the Republican principles of the founders of our Republic and their concept of individual liberties,” said Kuchar. “I am also convinced of the wisdom our founders placed on the rights of state and local governmental control with a limited central government that possessed only those enumerated powers granted to it by the states and the people.”

An ordinary citizen, a former minister, small businessman, and accountant, Kuchar has lived through the same challenges facing his neighbors, fellow citizens and business people. Kuchar is a long-time resident of south Arlington and District 6. He has been married to his college sweetheart for 37 years. They have a daughter and a son and two grandchildren. He is currently employed as the supervisor of the payroll department for an international law firm headquartered in Dallas. He holds seven professional degrees in the fields of payroll, benefits, compensation and human resources.