Lydia Livingston

Fitness quest

EDITORíS NOTE: Lydia Livingston, a junior at Waxahachie Global High, will be writing an ongoing column as she pursues her goals of becoming more physically fit.

Week 5

Oh, my goodness. I was so very, very tired.

My last workout left me feeling ďjellyfishy.Ē Thatís the feeling you get when you feel as if your whole body is all loose and you have no control over what your limbs are doing.

It has been a couple of weeks since I have went full force so I wasnít sure on what to expect. First, I ran a little over a mile. That was OK, but then, right after running a mile, my personal trainer, Daniel Ortiz, started me on leg workouts. Does anyone else see how this could be a bad deal?

Yeah, so I did the leg workouts with a rep of ab workouts for good measure. I was doing well until we got to this work out that I couldnít seem to do right. Daniel kept telling me to not bend my knees, but my mind was just not comprehending. I felt really uncoordinated trying to do it. Finally, in the last set, I got it.†

After that, he told me to go run another half of a mile. I had to run it as fast as I could at that. It wasnít pretty.

I may be able to run a long time, but it has to be at my pace Ė and fast is not my pace.

When I finished the run, we moved on to arms. This wasnít too bad, until we got to the dumbbells. First it was the treadmill, now that I have somewhat gotten over that, it is the dumbbells: I hate them. They make me feel so weak.

How I have trouble doing three sets of 10 with 5-pound weights I donít know. Iím determined to conquer it also, though.

Can you guess what I did next? If you guessed that I had to run, you are correct.

I know I said I enjoyed running, but at this point my arms and legs were feeling that jellyfishy feeling I mentioned earlier and I really didnít want to run another half of a mile.†

I told Daniel that I took back what I said in my previous article to get out of it. Of course, it didnít work. He just thought it was funny and I just suffered my way through the last half of a mile.

It is paying off. In fact, at soccer practice the day before I had a really affirming moment. We have to run the perimeter of Lions Park. Anyone who has been there knows it is well over a mile and normally I am in the very back barely trudging along. This time it was not as bad and there were two other girls at the same pace as me.†

It may not seem significant, but it was: I wasnít dead last.

The more I progress in my quest for fitness, the more I enjoy it. I know I complain and sometimes Daniel works me super hard, but it is worth it.

I encourage everyone out there to become more healthy. It is one of the best choices you can make in your life and the proof really is in the pudding once you get started. I never thought I would be capable of some of the things I am doing and I refuse to quit now.

Lydia Livingston is a junior at Waxahachie Global High School and a newsroom intern with the Daily Light. She is also a member of the Kernowstorm 94 Girls soccer team.